south padre island, texas

Experience a traditional Texas beach bonfire on South Padre Island! Meet me at the north end of the island and watch the sunset over the bay while I prepare your fire. When your fire is ready, you can gather around and toast some s'mores while you wait for the stars to come out. Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the best beach in Texas. 


S'mores and Starlight

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— Karen, October 2021

"I did this on a girls weekend with my mom and sisters. The location was super easy to get to. Ryan was really friendly and had everything set up for us and after a quick chat left us to our own devices. Once we were settled though it was wonderful, nice and quiet with very few other people coming to that stretch of the beach/dunes. The stars were amazing. We could see the Milky Way and watched satellites zoom by, even caught shooting star. A very special experience for us city dwellers who rarely get to see so much of the night sky. It was the perfect low key wind down to our trip."

— Lakeisha, September 2021

"The experience was definitely worth it. In the city, you rarely get to see stars and the sky is never as lit up as the sky here was. I’m a true stargazer and it was wonderful seeing so many. Ryan was friendly, offered to take a group photo of us, and even pointed out the best scenery shot spots. The app he recommended for stargazing was pretty cool, as well. I love that he was in and out so we had total privacy. (He was available to call or text at any time) He left us with plenty of supplies for the s’mores and the fire burned the entire time. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you’ve never done anything like this before."

—Whitney, August 2021

"OMG, our instructor Ryan is the coolest person on South padre island. You can instantly tell he is GENUINELY a kind and sincere person. he even gave us a ride back to our airbnb so we wouldn't have to catch an uber. this our first time in S. Padre island, but if we were ever to come back, we would call him just to hang out... thats how cool this guy is. if you're ever in the area I HIGHLY recommend you give him a call and learn how to surf. AMAZING 10/10 5☆"

—Ricky, April 2021

"This experience was amazing and magical! The sky was clear and beautiful and we saw lots of stars. Plus, I love roasted marshmallows. Ryan is a responsive and friendly host. I would definitely recommend this to people looking to make friends in a family friendly environment on South Padre Island!"

what to bring:

Please bring the following to your bonfire experience to make it comfortable and fun:

We will go to put the fire out after your experience, but please be sure to take any trash or items with you when you leave.

chairs or blankets to sit on

drinks & snacks (beer, s'mores, etc.)

mosquito spray (seasonal)

bluetooth speaker, guitar, bongos if you'd like music

Check our calendar below for availability and booking. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at ryan@surfvive.org

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the stars at night are big and bright,
deep in the heart of texas